New Reference Target Accessory

Senix Corporation, manufacturer of ToughSonic® ultrasonic level and distance sensors, today announced the introduction of  its new ToughSonic Reference Target Temperature Compensation accessory.  This new accessory uses an external reference target, located in the measurement path at the front of the sensor, to reduce fluctuations caused by diurnal shifts. Combined with the latest SenixVIEW software, for each measurement the sensor makes two readings; one to locate the reference target, and one to the distant object. Any change in the speed of sound affects both measurements.

The reference target location is locked during calibration, and any change in its apparent position is applied proportionally to correct the distant object’s apparent location. The result is a more accurate measurement, significantly less affected by ambient air temperature, diurnal temperature swings, sensor self-heating, sunshine warming the sensor, cold ambient temperatures or vibration. Field calibrations can be done at any time or temperature.

  • Not reliant on internal temperature sensing or separate temperature input
  • Improves Level and distance measurements by compensating for diurnal air temperature swings
  • Sensor is less affected by heating (by sunshine, or external heat source)
  • Can be calibrated in the field at any temperature
  • Available for 1″ NPT or 30mm sensors, including the Senix ToughSonic 3, 12 & 14
  • Easy Setup and Use

The Reference Target Temperature Compensation accessory is mounted on a 2″ universal threaded Delrin adaptor. The Reference Target features are enabled using free SenixVIEW software. Reference Target Compensation accessories are available for Senix sensors that use either a 1″ NPT or 30mm threaded housing (Senix ToughSonic 3, 12, and 14).

About Senix Corporation

Senix designs and manufactures advanced ultrasonic sensors for liquid level measurement, distance ranging and object detection. Senix ToughSonic® sensors are used in a wide range of automation and research applications worldwide. The company transformed non-contact distance measurement in 1990 with the world’s first user-configurable ultrasonic sensor and has been pushing the boundaries of sensor intelligence and ruggedness ever since. Senix Corporation is a privately held company located in Hinesburg, VT, USA.

For more information go to:  Senix Reference Target Accessory

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