Agriculture and Farming Level & Distance Measurement

Senix Ultrasonic Distance and Level sensors, AirWire LoRa wireless technology and a host of additional accessories can help improve many aspects of Agricultural and Farming Applications. Senix Ultrasonic sensors have a wide range of uses including water and liquid level monitoring to all types of distance and object detection. Ultrasonic sensor technology is extremely versatile and ideal to determine level measurements of ponds, rivers, and bodies of water, and in tanks, silos and other type of containers.  Senix ultrasonic sensors also assist in fertilizer application, and help monitor crops, and can also be utilized in a variety of vehicle applications in agriculture, construction, and municipality vehicles including improving safety by alerting operators of obstacles and moving vehicles in their immediate surroundings. The ruggedness of Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic Distance and Level sensors to temperature, shock, and vibration makes them extremely well suited suitable for outdoor applications.

  • Non-contact – nothing touches the liquid
  • Easy to install. ToughSonic sensor are threaded and a number of mounting options are also available
  • Use indoors or outside
  • Connects to other industrial equipment
  • Measures a wide variety of liquids and liquid environments
  • Accessories to display, alarm and control liquid levels
  • Wireless option sends tank levels to a LAN or the cloud
  • SenixVIEW software provide easy setup duplication without re-calibration


  • Open Channel Flow
  • Streams, Rivers, Pond
  • Flumes, Weirs and Channels
  • Forestry Harvesters and Equipment
  • Agricultural Planters, Fertilizers, and Sprayers
  • Plant Height and Crop Growth Monitoring
  • Tank, Silo, and Container Monitoring
  • Wastewater
  • Flood Monitoring

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Agriculture & Farming Measurement Environments

Liquid Level Measurements


ToughSonic General Purpose sensors easily measure the levels of water and benign as well as chemical liquids. Rugged construction, corrosion resistant materials, a wide environmental operating range and a liquid-tight IP68 ingress rating make them ideal for indoor and outdoor use – even in salt water and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environments.  Measure liquid levels in a tank, silo or container; or rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Products are offered in a variety of distance ranges to accommodate tanks ranging from 4 in (10.2 cm) to 50 feet (15.2m), with various mounting threads and accessories available. All ToughSonic sensors include analog, switch and data interfaces and compatible setup software, included at no charge.

Flumes, Weirs & Streams

Water Wastewater ToughSonic CHEM 35 Level Sensor
Conservation and water measurement are important tools for making the best use of available water.  Improved management of our water resources is needed to ensure the equitable distribution of water to competing users. There are especially significant opportunities for conservation and more effective water use in Agriculture and Farming applications. Accurate delivery of the necessary amounts of water at the correct times can both conserve water and improve the quantity and quality of agricultural products. Measuring open channel flow in flumes, weirs, and channels is critically important.
Open Channel Flow measurement determines the volume of water, effluent or industrial waste flowing through a channel, flume or weir. Flumes and weirs are hydraulic structures within which the liquid flow rate is determined by measuring the height of the liquid flowing through the structure. That height is converted to flow using an equation specific to the structure. Positioned at the required location, ToughSonic sensors measure the liquid height by non-contact distance measurement looking down at the liquid surface.
  • An example Parshall flume drawing is shown at the right.
  • Typical weirs are shown below.
  • The flow rate through the weir can be controlled by adjusting the vertical position of a gate.

Weir waterfall

Parshall Flume Sketch With Sensor

River & Streams

Bridge Mounted Sensor
Senix offers a wide array of mounting options to mount ToughSonic sensors on bridges, posts & poles, over a roadway, or over a canal or waterway in order to measure and monitor the level of liquid.  Streams and rivers offer an above ground glimpse at the health and hydrology of a watershed, and function as a vital resource for human activity, as well as habitat for a host of non-human animals and plants.  River stage, water flow, historical data collections and rainfall estimates are used as inputs of flood forecasting models to protect anything from roadways to farms.


Sensor Outputs & Interfaces

SenixVIEW Software

SenixVIEW Software

The ToughSonic General Purpose and ToughSonic CHEM product lines all have multiple analog and switch outputs compatible with most industrial equipment, plus a serial data communications interface for SenixVIEW software setup or user applications.Analog outputs can be proportional to tank level or volume. Switch outputs can control pumps and valves, or indicate low or high alarm conditions. Simple level controls can be created with only a sensor and an external relay option. Outputs are user-configured with SenixVIEW setup software. Setups are permanently stored in the sensor, and can be saved and duplicated in other sensors without re-calibrating. Some models have 5 simultaneous outputs while others have 2 SenixVIEW selected outputs. All sensors have a serial data interface, and all outputs operate concurrently.


Outputs, ToughSonic 30, 50 and CHEM products

Accessories & Options

Displays, Alarms and Packaged Systems


Digital controller accessories display level measurements and/or provide outputs to control other equipment. Tank levels can be displayed as level or volume in any units. Relay output options control pumps, valves or level alarms. Measurements can also be re-transmitted to additional displays or equipment at other locations. Other features include:

  • Sunlight readable outdoor displays with large digits
  • Pump control sequencing for multi-pump systems
  • Volume calculations for horizontal cylindrical tanks or other shapes

Displays are sold individually, with or without housings, or Senix can custom build a packaged system according to customer requirements.


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