Senix Sensor Technology Selected for New Affordable Wheelchair-Accessible RV by Winnebago

BraunAbility and Winnebago have opened RV camping to a wider audience with its new wheelchair accessible RV camping vehicle. Historically RVs, and especially wheelchair accessible RVs have been large and carry a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars, making them unobtainable for most campers. The new Roam is Winnebago’s first RV designed specifically with […]

World’s First Flying Hydrogen Boat Uses Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Who could design, test, and build the world’s first flying hydrogen-powered racing boat – all within one year? The Delft University of Technology’s Solar Boat Team successfully proved up to the challenge and are now putting the results of their hard work to the test in the port of Rotterdam. Hydrogen, and especially green hydrogen […]

BraunAbility Has Chosen Senix for their Mobility Transportation Solutions

BraunAbility has grown from a modest small-town entrepreneurial venture with a handful of employees to a global company with over 1200 employees serving more than 70 countries. For over 45 years, BraunAbility has been committed to changing lives for people with physical disabilities through innovative mobility solutions that provide independence and ease-of-use. As the industry […]

SENIX Introduces the New Customer Introductory Bundle

  Senix is confident that ToughSonic sensors are the most rugged, flexible, and versatile ultrasonic Level & Distance sensors on the market today. Senix is introducing an opportunity for NEW CUSTOMERS to try these sensors first-hand – we know you’ll be hooked! Tough isn’t just part of the name; in addition to being one of […]

Senix AirWire LoRa Wireless System Used to Remotely Monitor Water Level

The Causey-Lingo area, about 300 square miles in extent, is in south-central Roosevelt County on the High Plains of eastern New Mexico, adjacent to Bailey and Cochran Counties, Texas. An increase in the use of ground water for irrigation, cattle feeding and general population growth in recent years has created a need for additional wells, […]

Senix Sensors Measure Tank Level of Palm Oil

Grown only in the tropics, the oil palm tree produces high-quality oil used primarily for cooking in developing countries. It is also used in food products, detergents, cosmetics and, to a small extent, biofuel. Palm oil is a small ingredient in the U.S. diet, but more than half of all packaged products Americans consume contain […]

Senix Ultrasonic Level Sensors Accurately Measure Diesel Fuel for Rail Applications

From regional short line freight service to coast-to-coast passenger trains, the nation’s railroads depend on diesel power.  With increasing investments in new technology diesel engines and repowering and replacement of existing engines, railroads are poised for achieving greater service and efficiency goals.  Diesel power is proven technology and provides efficiency, durability reliability and now near-zero emissions, […]

NEW ToughSonic CHEM 12 Level Sensor

The ToughSonic CHEM 12 is the newest in the line of tough and intelligent Senix CHEM Level and Distance Sensors. Ideal for applications where rapid changes in temp occur Tested under more stringent temperature conditions….. Compact Design, Shorter & smaller diameter transducer Measure closer to the top of a tank and easier installation when space is limited […]

Senix Ultrasonic Sensors Ideal for Lubricant Oil Tank Monitoring

Automotive lubricants are the substance used to reduce the friction between the moving surfaces of the machine, leading to the reduction in generated heat. The increase in demand of automotive lubricants is attributed to the fact that lubricants increase the average age of vehicles by improving and maintaining engine efficiency The increasing demand for engine […]

Senix Ultrasonic Sensors Measure Diameter

Senix ToughSonic Sensors Accurately Measure Distance in Cold Foil Printing The use of foil and other multisensory packaging effects has become more and more common in a crowded marketplace competing for customer attention. Print shops are always in need of a competitive edge; something that allows what they provide to jump out amongst other print […]