Distance Measurement Sensor Applications

Senix ToughSonic® Ultrasonic Sensors measure the distance of target objects or materials through the air using “non-contact”  technology. They measure distance without damage and are easy to use and reliable.

ToughSonic distance measurement sensors

The ToughSonic family of general purpose sensors, in stainless steel housings

Whether used indoors or out, ToughSonic® sensors can take abuse. Solid state electronic components are epoxy potted into stainless steel housings, and there are no mechanical parts to break. IEC compliant electrical interfaces are protected from reversed connections and over-voltages.

These distance measurement sensors connect with all common types of automation and telemetry equipment. Applications range from simple analog connections to sophisticated multi-sensor data networks. Our sensors are cost effective because flexible connectivity is embedded in the sensor’s software – power that you can unlock with the SenixVIEW PC software included with every sensor. Push-button “teach” is also included in many models.

Senix logo mark for ultrasonic distance measurement sensors

What types of targets can sensors detect?

A wide range of materials can be measured, including hard or soft, colored or transparent, flat or curved.

Chart showing ultrasonic Distance Measurement with different objects at varying ranges

ToughSonic general purpose sensors


  • Type 316 stainless steel housings
  • Sealed epoxy potted construction
  • Ruggedized piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers, potted in place
  • Liquid tight IP68 immersion rating
  • IEC compliant electrical interface protection
  • Hardened ToughSonic internal electronics
  • UV-resistant, potted-in cable
  • CE compliant

Distance Ranging Applications

Machinery and processes in a wide range of industries use ToughSonic distance measurement sensors where size or position feedback is required: printing, converting, robotics, material handling, transportation and more. Here are just some of the ways they are used:

Positioning & Locating

Distance measurement sensors are used to control or indicate the position of objects and materials. A proportional analog signal is often sent to a PLC or motor drive, such as a web or cable loop control, to synchronize the material transfer between two machines. Distance feedback can be displayed to an operator to manually position a vehicle or object being handled.

Ultrasonic distance measurement sensor tracking the position of a truck backing into a loading dock


  • Multiple simultaneous outputs: analog, switch and serial data
  • Adjust, optimize and manage setups with SenixVIEW PC software (included)
  • Connect remotely to, and work safely with sensors embedded in an application
  • Filters, timing, initialization and lost target features to optimize performance
  • RS-232 or RS-485 serial data options
  • RS-485 multi-drop addressable networks
  • Multi-sensor synchronization to eliminate interference
  • Quick sensor duplication without recalibration
  • Push-button “teachable

Dimensioning & Selecting

Distance measurement sensors can determine the dimensions of objects such as height, width and diameter, using one or more sensors. Items can be selected or rejected based on their dimensions or profiles, such as determining whether an object on a conveyor is upside down or not, by using the sensor’s timing and distance features.

Ultrasonic distance measurement sensor measuring Roll Diameter

Ultrasonic distance measurement sensor evaluating box height on conveyor belt.

Product Families

  • General Purpose ToughSonic sensors in Type 316 stainless steel housings
  • Chemically resistant ToughSonic CHEM sensors in PVDF housings for chemical environments
  • ToughSonic REMOTE sensors are energy efficient, lightning-resistant sensors for remote liquid level applications

Profiling & Multi-Sensor Systems

Applications requiring multiple measurements are handled by networks or groups of standard sensors. ToughSonic sensors can output both analog and serial data, to be collected and processed by a computer or PLC. Protocols are available to support high-speed data collection in applications such as conveyor bulk flows. SenixVIEW software supports the development, customization and management of multi-sensor groups.

Ultrasonic distance measurement sensors networked to provide larger, more sophisticated measurements

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