Senix Sensor Technology Selected for New Affordable Wheelchair-Accessible RV by Winnebago

BraunAbility and Winnebago have opened RV camping to a wider audience with its new wheelchair accessible RV camping vehicle.

Historically RVs, and especially wheelchair accessible RVs have been large and carry a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars, making them unobtainable for most campers. The new Roam is Winnebago’s first RV designed specifically with accessibility in mind. The Roam is a smaller Class B RV based on the Ram ProMaster van that features enough room for someone in a wheelchair to maneuver inside while being substantially more affordable. Winnebago worked with accessibility advocates like BraunAbility to design the interior and used universal design as the guiding force when deciding what to include.

Built using a 2021 Ram ProMaster as the base and with a BraunAbility wheelchair lift under the sliding side door, the Roam is less than 20 feet long, but Winnebago said it was designed with enough floor space to support a wheelchair and critical accessible features. The Roam includes an under-vehicle wheelchair lift, standard wheelchair tie-downs, a shower and toilet with grab handles, a powered sofa bed, accessible lights and system controls, It can seat up to five people and sleep up to four with an optional pop top that sleeps two more. Other options include a TV, and your color choice. Steering hand controls, if needed, can be installed by a third party.

BraunAbility has once again selected Senix sensors for this new affordable wheelchair accessible RV. “We plan to use the sensor over the sliding door to detect obstructions in the threshold area as part of FMVSS 403 compliance” says Mike Anderson, Senior Product Manager.

An ultrasonic detection device in the ceiling area allows for complete use of the vehicle floor space.  If an object is detected within the desired area of the RV, the Senix ultrasonic will trigger audible & visual warnings to people who may be unaware that the vehicle door was open, or the wheelchair lift is not at vehicle level.  That is designed to prevent unintended vehicle exit that could cause injury.

The wider beam angle and profile of the custom Senix sensor allowed the engineers to cover a larger area inside the RV than other sensor on the market. The wide beam technology sensors. Like the high performance ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors from Senix, these wide beam sensors can be custom configured using SenixVIEW software to allow for many user-configurable parameters to be set.  SenixVIEW software allows easy calibration of the sensor for BraunAbility to work in various in-vehicle applications.

The new Ram ProMaster Winnebago Roam is full of features, smaller and more affordable than other large expensive RV, yet still larger than a typical passenger van. Senix ultrasonic technology is extremely well suited as a proximity or object detection sensor that offered greater design flexibility for BraunAbility. SenixVIEW software allows easy calibration of the sensor to work in various s in-vehicle applications.  Senix’s high standard of quality and rugged, long-life sensors also fit well with BraunAbility’s reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction.

Senix’s wider beam ultrasonic sensors combined with the many user-configurable sensor parameters makes a perfect solution for BraunAbility’s object detection application, and detect objects within the area shown above








Senix is proud to partner with BraunAbility and Winnebago in helping them be successful to make the Winnebago and the new Ram ProMaster Winnebago Roam a success.

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