Community Involvement

Senix products are used in a wide variety of application such as for floods and tsunami monitoring, helping to ensure to maximize crops and food supply while minimizing water usage and waste, ensuring tanks are not overfilled and cause damage to the environment, for safety such as proximity and object detection, for reducing chemical usage in crops and other applications, and for helping to train commercial and military pilots. We are aware of our products and their impact on the environment and committed to providing the highest quality products.

Senix believes every company should be socially responsible and owes a service to the community. Senix products are made in the USA, and all the assembly and test of our products are done in Vermont. Senix is a proud member of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR). We follow socially responsible business practices, which includes reducing our environmental footprint, paying employees competitive wages, and helping to support the local community. Senix has an active relationship with the Champlain Valley Union High School and their Robohawk Engineering Club, actively works with several local towns with flood monitoring and warning systems. Senix has donated or participated in Daffodil Day which is a local chapter of the American Cancer Society, the King Street Youth Center in Burlington, VT, and Vermont Foodbank, and the Green Mountain chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and help sponsor Big Truck Days through the Hinesburg Fire Department, and Prevent Child Abuse VT

Senix has been designing and manufacturing sensors for over 30 years. Senix introduced the world’s first user-configurable ultrasonic sensor. With both a push-button and personal computer interface, users were able to gain access to a range of sensor capabilities previously unavailable. Our average tenure for employees is an average of 10 years with several servicing nearly 30. We attribute our success to our commitment to designing, delivering, and supporting quality products. You can depend on Senix for great documentation, customer service, and technical support. We wouldn’t have it any other way!