Senix Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Founded in 1990, Senix Corporation introduced the world’s first PC configurable ultrasonic sensor.  With over 30 years of experience engineering, manufacturing, and selling ultrasonic sensors, Senix has become a global authority in non-contact ultrasonic technology with the ToughSonic and CHEM product lines.

Senix high-tech company is nestled in the bucolic foothills of the Green Mountains.  Proudly manufactured in the United States, the Senix facility sits within a converted cheese factory in the town of Hinesburg, Vermont.

First to market with a PC configurable ultrasonic sensor, Senix continues to be a market innovator bringing feature-rich products to the ultrasonic marketplace.  This 30 years of application and technical experience allows Senix to provide custom solutions for a diverse group of customers and applications.  Sold globally since the 1990’s, Senix has thousands of satisfied customers around the world.  Our products are RoHS and REACH compliant and carry CE certification for our overseas customers.

Social Responsibility

With a focus on supporting our employees, community and environment, Senix is a proud member of Vermont Business for Social Responsibility.  Senix is committed to eliminating unnecessary waste; opting for environmentally friendly options at every opportunity and reusing materials to protect products during the shipping process.

Customers Served

Senix sells to end-users, resellers, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) across many industries. Standard ultrasonic sensor products provide cost-effective solutions for most new or retrofit applications. Senix offers custom sensor designs to meet special packaging, design or configuration requirements. We will configure our flexible and versatile ToughSonic sensors into packaged systems for object detection, remote mounting locations for level applications, or for a wide array of system needs.

Whether you’re dealing with a challenging project or have an application that requires a durable, fast and accurate ultrasonic sensor, try a ToughSonic sensor to discover why satisfied customers trust Senix as their partner for ultrasonic needs.