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Senix designs, manufactures, and sells perhaps the most durable, flexible and versatile ultrasonic level sensors and ultrasonic distance sensors on the market today.  Senix has over 30 years of application knowledge obtained by experience with a wide array of customers and applications and unique customer needs.  This application and technical expertise allows Senix to provide custom solutions for a diverse group of industries for level and distance applications.

Cooperation and joint planning between respective engineering teams has been a part of Senix reputation for decades. With extensive electronics, firmware, as well as application experience, Senix works closely with our customers to build successful, long-term customer relationships.

Custom Ultrasonic Solutions

By pairing Senix standard ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors along with SenixVIEW software, over 75 user configurable parameters that can be adjusted to tailor each sensor to its unique application.  These incredibly flexible, versatile, and tough ultrasonic sensors can be built with different cable lengths, connectors, or custom labels.  Senix can collaborate with customers to determine the most applicable configurations for their applications, and pre-configure sensors with these custom configurations.

When a standard instrument or solution cannot meet your specifications, the engineers at Senix are here to work with customers to develop custom solutions including:

  • Numerous packaging and mounting options for current ToughSonic sensors, including custom branding

  • A range of transducers for both general purpose and chemical applications

  • Varying beam widths depending upon application; 10-12 degree beam widths provide higher accuracy and precision, whereas beam angles of approximately 30 degrees  are excellent for proximity and object detection applications

  • TEACH push-button technology to set up the sensor, or configure using a PC with free SenixVIEW software control a range of alarms, lights, sirens, and other components, available via built-in switches in our sensors

  • Networking capability for multiple sensors, and the ability to SYNC sensors

  • Wireless technology using AirWire LoRa Transmitter and Gateways for remote monitoring


Contact Senix today to help with your  Custom & OEM Ultrasonic Sensor Needs!

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