SENIX Introduces the New Customer Introductory Bundle


Senix is confident that ToughSonic sensors are the most rugged, flexible, and versatile ultrasonic Level & Distance sensors on the market today. Senix is introducing an opportunity for NEW CUSTOMERS to try these sensors first-hand – we know you’ll be hooked!

Tough isn’t just part of the name; in addition to being one of the few IP68 rated ultrasonic sensors, the PUR protected cables and heavy-duty electronics are fully potted in and protected. The ToughSonic General Purpose sensors feature 316 stainless steel housings, while the ToughSonic CHEM family of sensors are built in PVDF housing for use in chemical environments. Not only are these sensors the toughest on the market, they also feature an extensive list of over 75 user-configurable parameters used to tailor each sensor it it’s unique environment.

Do you have stirrers in your tank, foaming, waves, or other objects in the measurement path? Set the sensor up to filter out unwanted measurements within SenixVIEW software. Do you need to send a signal to an alarm, siren, trigger a motor or pump to start or stop, or use a switch to control and device? Utilize the ToughSonic sensors built-in switches.

Are temperature changes an issue with your application? ToughSonic sensors feature built-in temperature compensation and Senix new Reference Target accessory can be paired with the RTTC feature in SenixVIEW. This addition overcomes the time lag inherent with built-in compensation and offers increased accuracy even amidst more rapid changes in air temperature.

Now is the perfect opportunity to discover the difference of a ToughSonic sensor. New Customers can take advantage of the Introduction Bundle which includes everything users need to connect, configure, and measure with a ToughSonic sensor. Select your choice of sensor, add the USB Setup Kit to connect the sensor to a PC for configuration within SenixVIEW and get 50% off both! The full manual and complete SenixVIEW software is included free and available for download directly from our website.

Call or email Senix today and be sure to mention you are a New Customer.

Join the world of happy Senix customers and discover what Senix ToughSonic sensors can do for you!

Mention code NCIB2021 for 50% off your New Customer Introduction Bundle