Liquid Level Sensor Applications

Senix ToughSonic® Liquid Level Sensors measure a liquid or slurry surface from above, using “non-contact” technology. The elevated mounting location of the sensor offers simple installation and excellent accessibility.

Sketch of tank with ultrasonic liquid level sensor at the top

Senix sensors are more sophisticated and configurable than typical liquid level transmitters. Built-in circuitry provides flexible network connectivity so the sensor can interact simultaneously with other devices. Sensor control functions can be configured to optimize performance in your particular application using our PC-based SenixVIEW® configuration and analysis software.

ToughSonic sensors are weather-tight and rugged. Thousands are used worldwide, indoors and out, measuring tanks, canals, ponds, streams, wet wells and weirs. Senix ultrasonic sensors are used for flow monitoring, pump control, process control, liquid inventory, high-low alarms and environmental monitoring for flood detection and warning.

What our customers say…

Doing some bench testing with the [SenixVIEW] software and find it very useful and easy to learn.

Liquid Level Sensor Applications

  • Tank levels
  • Diesel fuel gauging
  • Liquid assets inventory
  • High or low level alarms
  • Input to telemetry systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Irrigation control
  • Wet well and pump controls
  • Stream level monitoring
  • Sea level monitoring and Tsunami warning
  • Process batch monitoring & control
  • Dredging spoils level

Features and Benefits

  • Liquid tight IP68 ingress rating
  • Various ranges to 50 feet (15.2 meters)
  • SenixVIEW software included
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Remote sensor access for dangerous or inaccessible locations
  • Easily connects to telemetry
  • Works in battery-powered applications
  • Standard analog 4-20 mA current output
  • Standard 0-5 or 0-10 VDC voltage output
  • Two configurable switch outputs (sinking or sourcing)
  • RS-232 or RS-485 serial data interfaces
  • RS-485 multi-drop addressable networks

Product Families

  • Stainless steel ToughSonic models for water and other benign liquids
  • Chemically resistant ToughSonic CHEM models in PVDF housings for diesel fuel and caustic, solvent or acidic chemicals

ToughSonic® Liquid Level Configurations

Our ultrasonic liquid level sensors are multi-talented and give you the flexibility to do more now and in the future. With configurable outputs, incident handling selections, networking and multiple simultaneous interfaces, ToughSonic sensors give you flexibility and value. Here are just some of the ways they are used:

ultrasonic liquid level sensor sending data to a digital display

Continuous liquid level data is transmitted to common analog or digital input meters and displayed in units such as height, volume or percent full.

Ultrasonic liquid level sensor sending data to a PLC

Liquid level data is transmitted, analog or digital, to user devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or computers which are part of your system.

ultrasonic liquid level sensor controlling a pump via a relay interface board

Liquid level can be controlled by pumps or valves driven by sensor data. Sensor level hysteresis and time delays are used to create a simple level controller without additional logic devices.

One Ultrasonic liquid level sensors sending data to a display, a PLC and controlling a pump via a relay board simultaneously

Multiple simultaneous sensor outputs allow any or all of the above functions to operate concurrently.

Multiple ultrasonic liquid level sensors networked to a display and other equipment

All Senix RS-485 models can be connected in a multi-drop addressable network, and liquid level data can be collected by any control device capable of Modbus communications, such as a personal computer.

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