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The Role of Ultrasonic Sensors in Wireless Monitoring Systems

The development of wireless monitoring systems has greatly expanded the scope of measurement in distance, tank level, and other monitoring applications. They enable users to measure various metrics (e.g., water levels) without having to physically touch or be near the targeted object, which is ideal for devices and systems located in remote or otherwise hard-to-reach locations. A key component of these systems is ultrasonic sensors, which use (ultrasonic) soundwaves to measure the distance to a remote object without touching it. When used with wireless technology they can reliably determine water levels in a tank or stream without the extensive installation and maintenance costs 0f wired systems. 

At Senix, we offer ultrasonic sensors suitable for use in wireless level monitoring systems. When used with Senix AirWire® LoRa wireless technology, they allow users to easily transfer and access real-time level measurements using our cloud-based software. Below, our experts provide an overview of wireless monitoring systems and how our sensors are used in them. 

Wired vs. Wireless Monitoring Systems

Compared to wired monitoring systems, wireless monitoring systems offer a number of advantages, such as: 

  • Easier and cheaper installation. Wireless sensor systems are ideal for when monitoring applications are performed across large facilities since they do not require the running of any wires or conduits to work. 
  • Greater flexibility and scalability. The initial cost of a wireless system can be higher than the cost of a wired system. However, a wireless system may prove to be the more cost-effective option in the long term since it is cheaper to modify when expanding monitoring operations and better at accommodating changes to facility configurations.
  • Better connectivity. Wireless systems enable data to be displayed on a local area network (LAN) or uploaded to the cloud so authorized users can access it when needed, which helps minimize delays in monitoring and maintenance operations. 

Senix’s AirWire LoRa Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Senix’s AirWire LoRa Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Our ToughSonic sensors are available with AirWire LoRa wireless technology, which allows for automatic collection of real-time level data from monitored sites and enables authorized users to access the data from their computer or mobile device. The technology requires the installation of an AirWire transmitter (which comes with fee-free access to our cloud-based software) and a non-contact level sensor at each monitored site; the sensor measures the distance to the monitored liquid or material, and the transmitter sends the data to either a public LoRa system (if available) or an AirWire Gateway for upload to the necessary network(s). It offers liquid measurement capabilities up to 50 feet (with ToughSonic sensors) and long-range operation capabilities up several miles depending on the line of sight, antenna elevation, and terrain. Additionally, if desired, users can set up alarms for high or low levels that send text or email notifications to the relevant parties.

Senix AirWire LoRa can offer significant cost savings since it does not require conduits to be run through buildings, wiring or power to be installed at monitored sites, or users to pay connect charges. Additionally, it integrates with existing applications and conforms to the latest Internet of Things (IoT) standards. 

Application of AirWire LoRa

Our AirWire LoRa wireless systems find use in level monitoring applications across a wide range of industries. For example, the Village of Causey, New Mexico, utilized it to monitor water levels in water tanks that were critical to the operations of its farming and ranching communities. It has also been used to monitor river systems near Montpelier, Vermont, to analyze floods and water movement over time.

Wireless Level Monitoring Systems From Senix

At Senix, we offer ultrasonic sensors for a range of monitoring applications. Our ToughSonic sensors are suitable for general distance ranging and benign liquid level applications and offer wireless distance measurement capabilities up to 50 feet. Our ToughSonic Chem sensors are suitable for measuring the level or volume of liquid chemicals in open or closed tanks and offer measurement capabilities up to 35 feet. For more information on our ultrasonic sensors, check out our product page or contact us today.