The Senix Difference

ToughSonic 14 Ultrasonic SensorsSenix ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors are built for durability, accuracy, and flexibility, making them some of the highest value sensors available on the market today. 

Key Features of Senix Sensors

Many Senix sensors can be quickly set up and adjusted using Senix’s powerful TEACH push-button setup technology. However, the real flexibility and versatility of Senix sensors are unlocked by pairing sensors with the free SenixVIEW software. It provides over 75 user-configurable options, settings, and ways to enhance the sensor, enabling users to tailor each sensor to their unique application. 

No other sensor available in the market today includes all of the features available on ToughSonic sensors. These include: 

  • Durable construction. General-purpose sensors are built with 316 stainless steel housings, while CHEM sensors are made of PVDF to withstand use in chemical environments. All ToughSonic sensors have PUR jacketed cables and potted and protected electronics. All Senix sensors are IP68 rated.
  • Included SenixVIEW software. All sensors include free SenixVIEW software with nearly 80 parameters that can be set by the user. Friendly and easy help balloons can be turned on or off to make learning the software easy for all users. The software allows for setup duplication of other sensors without recalibration.
  • Built-in outputs, switches, and serial communication. Sensors come with built-in 0–10VDC and 4–20mA outputs, built-in switches, and choice of either RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication. The built-in switches can control liquid levels, alarms, relays, motors, lights, and more.
    • Control the liquid level in a tank by setting the switch to turn a pump or valve ON or OFF at specific levels
    • Set an alarm output to alert at high level, low level, or both
    • Set switches to NPN type (sinking) or PNP type (sourcing) for universal compatibility
  • Organization capabilities. Organize functions and responses using delays, initial power-up states, hysteresis and window modes, and loss of target states with an associated time delay.
  • Filtering & processing options. These options allow filters to ignore turbulence, stirrers, waves, or other unwanted objects that would otherwise interfere with measurements.
  • Averaging filters. Output data can be smoothed by using the averaging filters to average a series of measurements or limit the rate at which the outputs change.
  • Selectable measurement rates. Selectable measurement rates interface and control a wide variety of accessories, such as displays, alarms, relays, etc.
  • Built-in temperature compensation. Senix offers built-in temperature compensation, which can be used to compensate for changes in ambient air temperature, diurnal temperature swings, sensor self-heating, sunshine warming the sensor, cold ambient temperatures, or vibration. If you’re dealing with rapid or extreme temperature fluctuations, Senix also offers an external temperature compensation accessory for more accurate measurement during these changes.
  • Multi-sensor data network compatibility. Senix sensors can be connected in multi-sensor data networks to retrieve measurements and/or adjust sensors using SenixVIEW software. An entire collection of data-networked sensors can be managed, stored, and retrieved using a SenixVIEW feature called Group Control, which permits an entire collection to be backed up, restored, or duplicated quickly.
  • Wireless sensor technology. If that is not enough, Senix also offers its AirWire LoRa wireless options to send tank levels to a LAN or Cloud Network. Transfer data and access real-time level measurements with Senix Cloud-based software.
What Makes Senix Ultrasonic Sensors Different

Experience the Senix Difference Today

Whether you are measuring the levels of liquids or solids or measuring distance or proximity, Senix ToughSonic sensors are ideal for use in Water Monitoring, Tank Level Measuring, Farming & Agriculture, Distance Ranging, Object Detection, Hydrofoil & Nautical, and many other industrial applications. They can be customized to fit unique applications or custom OEM labeling requirements. No other ultrasonic sensor can deliver more or boast being backed by such a knowledgeable technical support team. Reach out to our team to discuss your application and find out which Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic level & distance sensor will get you the fast, accurate measurements you require.