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How Does It Work?

At each monitored site an AirWire Transmitter and attached non-contact ToughSonic Level & Distance Sensor measure the distance to an object or monitor liquid level. That distance measurement is transferred wirelessly to a AirWire Gateway that can serve many purposes, such as presenting the level(s)  in a web page on a Local Area Network (LAN), sending email alerts for high or low level conditions, and/or transferring the data to an external application either locally or on the cloud such as Senix’s own secure Cloud-Based services. Level can be displayed simply as height or converted to volume (gallons, liters, etc.).

  • Enable true remote monitoring
  • No recurring charges
  • You own your own data.
  • Nothing to rent or no monthly fees
  • Latest IoT standards
  • Secure wireless transmission
  • Low power
  • Good range

Need to know how much diesel fuel is in the tank, how high the water level is under the bridge, or how much material is in the silo or tank? Senix ToughSonic Level Sensors can now get these answers to your desk or mobile device quickly, securely, and inexpensively using the emerging LoRa spread-spectrum wireless technology.


Note: Internet access is required for Senix Cloud services.

ToughSonic Sensors Are Now Enhanced with AirWire

Get these common ultrasonic sensor applications IoT-connected to your business:

Many Senix sensors can be quickly set up and adjusted using Senix’s powerful TEACH push-button setup technology. However, the real flexibility and versatility of Senix sensors are unlocked by pairing sensors with the free SenixVIEW software. It provides over 75 user-configurable options, settings, and ways to enhance the sensor, enabling users to tailor each sensor to their unique application. No other sensor available in the market today includes all of the features available on ToughSonic sensors.

  • Durable construction
  • Included SenixVIEW software
  • Built-in outputs, switches, and serial communication
  • Organization capabilities
  • Filtering & processing options
  • Averaging filters
  • Selectable measurement rates
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Multi-sensor data network compatibility
  • And Now….AirWire Wireless technology

ToughSonic® Sensors
Tough. Smart.
and now… Connected…with AirWire

Field-proven sensors since 1990

What is AirWire LoRa?

AirWire LoRa systems allow vital real-time data movement without expensive cable installation. They are designed to operate at distances of up to several miles depending on terrain, antenna elevation and line of sight. AirWire from Senix is a versatile level and distance measurement system ideal for making remote measurements within a region without the need for wired power or communications.

AirWire uses LoRa (Long Range), a low-power wide-area network, offering a cost-effective choice in the IoT area. Requests from customers operating in remote areas prompted the addition of AirWire accessories, where power or cable connection is difficult or too costly. The heart of the system is the Senix ultrasonic sensor and a dedicated transmitter. The AirWire Transmitter powers and controls the ToughSonic ultrasonic sensor and transmits data to your private Senix Gateway or public LoRa network. Your data can also be viewed on Senix’s Cloud-based service.

Each AirWire system consists of 1) Any Senix ToughSonic sensor with RS-485 serial communication, 2) Choice of a Senix AirWire Transmitter (Basic or Solar Powered), and 3) Choice of one of the Senix AirWire Gateways (or use a Public LoRa network)

AirWire Transmitters

The Basic Transmitter requires external wired power, while the Solar Power Transmitter features a solar panel and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries for years of maintenance free operation. AirWire Transmitters control a Senix RS-485 interfaced ultrasonic level sensor, sending each level measurement to the Senix Gateway. One or multiple AirWire Transmitters can send measurements to a single AirWire Gateway. Both AirWire transmitters:

  • Transmit level periodically on remotely adjustable schedule
  • Manage power, sensor, and data communications
  • Provide status and fault reporting
  • Are housed in UV stabilized, polycarbonate plastic, IP66 and NEMA 4X rated enclosures
  • Are shipped ready to use on the secure AirWire site, with
  • AirWire proprietary service installed
  • Allow for data to be viewed at no charge when using a Senix Gateway, and Senix Cloud-based secure services
  • Include GPIO capability to turn off/on other devices (pump, alarm, etc..)
  • Set custom alarms

AirWire Gateways

A Senix Gateway accepts level and distance measurements from one or more level transmitters and can:

  • Show liquid levels to users on a local network
  • Send email alerts through email provider
  • Send text messages to your phone using “email to text” feature
  • Allow many parameters to be remotely configured without a site visit
  • Log time-stamped levels for import to Excel or other applications
  • Transfer level information to other applications either on the LAN or in the cloud using HTTP posting

All Senix Gateways receive data from an AirWire Transmitter and displays level alarms, and can send text and email alerts.

If the level transmitters are within range of Public LoRa services a cloud-based subscription can be used in lieu of the gateway. AirWire data will be parsed by a public LoRa system for viewing on their site. Similar or expanded features can be provided in a cloud-based architecture. Cloud-based services can also be provided simultaneously by transferring the level data stream through the gateway to the cloud.





Basic LoRa Receiver-Gateway

Flex Receiver-Gateway





Outdoor Receiver-Gateway

The Basic Gateway is plastic housed with an internal antenna and is intended for indoor use. The Basic Gateway is wall mounted. It can act as a display file server and/or Ethernet gateway, and can datalog up to 100,000 measurements.

The Flex Gateway is metal housed with a rear-attached bendable antenna and is surface, wall or ceiling mounted. It can act as a server and/or Ethernet gateway and can datalog up to 22.8 million measurements.


The Outdoor Gateway is sealed in an IP67 aluminum housing with attached antenna designed for elevated mounting outdoors to increase system range. It is meant for elevated mounting for the widest LoRa coverage within a region. It can act as a server and/or Ethernet gateway, and can datalog up to 100,000 measurements.

View Sensor Data in the Cloud

Senix AirWire Gateways include access to Senix’s secure Cloud-based monitoring software. Multiple sensors can be set up to monitor data. AirWire can be configured to email an alert when any user-defined alarm level is reached, any system error occurs, or data is overdue. Alerts can be sent by email or as SMS text by using “email to text” scheme through your service provider.

Once registered with Senix, the purchase of an Senix AirWire Transmitter includes:

  • FREE cloud-based monitoring for up to 50,000 measurements. Once 50,000 is met, either old data can be removed or another 50,000 measurements can be purchased
  • Access to data for unlimited number of authorized users
  • Set custom alarm levels

Documents & Downloads



Download AirWire Brochure (.pdf)


Download AirWire Manual


Download Quick Start Guide


Download LoRa Troubleshooting Guide


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