Senix Ultrasonic Sensors Ideal for Lubricant Oil Tank Monitoring

Automotive lubricants are the substance used to reduce the friction between the moving surfaces of the machine, leading to the reduction in generated heat. The increase in demand of automotive lubricants is attributed to the fact that lubricants increase the average age of vehicles by improving and maintaining engine efficiency

The increasing demand for engine oils, brake fluids, and transmission fluids among both consumer and commercial automobiles is contributing to a growing lubricant market.  High engine oil demand in passenger cars, diesel trucks, light-duty trucks, and motorcycles are expected to drive the global automotive lubricants industry growth over the next 5- 10 years.

The shift towards green derivatives is also expected to be another strong driver the market into the future as well. The strong presence of regulatory associations, such as the EPA and REACH, is also projected to help the overall bio-based lubricants market

The rise in the middle-class population, urbanization, and growing disposable income in developing countries have led to greater passenger car sales. This economic growth in these regions has promoted trade, leading to the growth across the transportation sector. These factors combined have led to increased lubricant consumption worldwide.

Asia Pacific remains the leading region for lubricants, and the Asia Pacific automotive industry is anticipated to witness a high growth through at least 2025 owing due to rapid economic development, mega construction projects, and population growth.

KAS Control Co. Ltd. worked closely with a major industrial company in Thailand that uses the Senix ToughSonic 14 Level Sensor to monitor multiple Lubricant Oil tanks before filling. The levels of Lubricant Oil are closely monitored daily and reported directly to an inventory control system.

Previously, this customer used float sensors, however, due to the rugged environment, led to inaccurate results and a need for better accuracy.  The Senix ToughSonic sensors are built in 316 stainless steel housings, have PUR jacked cables that along with the heavy-duty electronics are potted and protected inside.

Not only are the Senix ToughSonic 14 sensors highly accurate, and consistently measure the level of lubricant oil in a 2-meter high horizontal tank, but they are easily configurable to each application.  The parabolic shape of this customer’s tank produced a high amount of echo waves when close to empty. By configuring the sensors within SenixVIEW software, the customer was easily able to set a low rate a 1 Hz update rate preventing these echos.

The sensor output is sent through RS-485 serial communications to a Siemens S7-1500 PLC and Simatic HMI for display

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