Toughsonic Chem 10

Maximum Range 10 Feet (3 Meters)

ToughSonic CHEM 10 Level Sensor Features

  • Non-contact level measurement
  • Rugged construction, IP68 rated
  • Indoor or outdoor uses
  • Top and bottom mounting threads
  • Five outputs plus serial data
  • Serial data-only models
  • Temperature compensation
  • PC configurable

ToughSonic CHEM 10 Level Sensor Best Applications

  • Chemical tank levels
  • Benign liquid tank levels
  • Tanks up to 10-ft (3 m) tall
  • 1.5 in NPT bottom thread, 1.0 in. parallel top thread

KYNAR Compatibility Chemical Level Sensors

ToughSonic CHEM 10 Level Sensor

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Open Channel Flow

Water Wastewater ToughSonic CHEM 35 Level Sensor


Chemicals ToughSonic CHEM 35 Level Sensor

Tank Level


Tough. by Design

The ToughSonic name says it all:

  • Injection molded PVDF (Kynar®) for superior chemical resistance
  • Ruggedized piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, potted in place
  • Hardened & protected solid state electronics
  • UV resistant, potted-in, PUR-jacketed cable
  • All epoxy-potted for wet or dirty applications
  • Short and overload protected outputs
  • IP68 ingress rating (submersible) ∗

Injection molded PVDF (Kynar) for superior chemical resistance

Kynar® is a registered tradename of Arkema Corporation
∗ Measurement is unreliable when submersed

Sensors can be assembled with custom cables or connectors. Serial data-only models are available for remote monitoring and other serial data-only applications.

Smart. Engineering

ToughSonic sensors have the smarts to:

  • easily connect with your equipment
  • includes both analog and switch outputs
  • communicates by serial data
  • optimize the sensor to the application
  • create stand-alone functions
  • duplicate applications without re-calibration

Senix invented PC-configurable “smart sensors” in 1990 and has improved them ever since, giving you get the benefits of years of continuous improvement!


Flexible. Outputs

connect to

  • PLCs, motor drives, displays, PCs – you name it!
  • Universal: one sensor = many applications
  • 5 simultaneous industry standard outputs that are configured using SenixVIEW software
  • Analogs: 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA sourcing and 4-20 mA sinking
  • Switches: Two, configurable as either sourcing (PNP) or sinking (NPN)
  • All configurable to the application’s needs

PLUS EVERY ToughSonic Ultrasonic Sensor has serial data for SenixVIEW setup or user application:

  • Choose RS-232 or RS-485 by sensor part number
  • RS-485 recommended unless RS-232 is required
  • Multi-sensor Modbus RS-485 networks
  • Serial data-only models are also available

Connected. SenixVIEW Software

SenixVIEW is included at no charge, runs on a Windows PC and connects to sensors via a serial data port. Our Setup Kits provide everything needed to connect through a USB port, including power supply, sensor-PC interface and cables. SenixVIEW is not required but adds powerful configuration, test and management capability.

  • View sensor measurements graphically in several different ways
  • Over 60 user-adjustable parameters
  • Built-in data logging, graphing, exporting and statistics facilities
  • Save & retrieve setups for maintenance and sensor cloning

Sensor Adjustments Give You More Control 

  • Analogs: Slope, distance endpoints, analog value limits
  • Switches: Setpoints, hysteresis /window features, time delays
  • All Outputs: Power-on, loss of echo, loss of SYNC responses
  • Serial Data: Communications and SYNC modes and functions
  • Measurements: Temperature compensation, sensitivity, data filters, measure rate, gain settings and data processing filters
  • Adjustments: Stored in sensor memory even when power is off

ToughSonic CHEM 12 Variations

ToughSonic CHEM 10
Top or Bottom Mounted

Data Sheet
Upgrading to a CHEM 14 *
Arkema Kynar Chemical Resistance Chart
3D Models

*  The CHEM 14 is recommended for new applications.

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 ToughSonic CHEM 10 Level Sensor
Chem 10 & 20 Mechanical Drawing


Part No. Outputs
LVL-100-485 5 + RS-485
LVL-100-485A RS-485 only *
LVL-100-232 5 + RS-232
LVL-100-232A RS-232 only *
* Serial data only models have a 4-wire cable



Maximum Range 10 feet (3.00 meters)
Optimum Range < 4 in. to 80 in (100 mm to 2 meters)
Deadband Typ. < 4 in (0-100 mm)
Temperature -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)
Humidity 0 to 100% operating
Protection NEMA-4X, NEMA 6P, IP68
Transducer Chemically isolated piezoelectric
Compensation Temperature compensated
SenixVIEW selected options
Resolution Serial data: 0.0034 in. (0.086 mm)
Analog steps: 4099 (0-10 VDC),
3279 (4-20 mA)
Repeatability Nominal 0.2% of range @ constant temp. Affected by target, distance, environment
Update Rate 10 Hz (100 ms), SenixVIEW adjustable; affected by SenixVIEW filter selections

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Voltage Output 0-10, 0-5 VDC or SenixVIEW customized
Maximum output current 10 mA
Current Loops
(x 2)
Two 4-20 mA current loops:
Current sourcing and current sinking
Max loop resistance 450 ohms each
SenixVIEW customized
Both share calibration parameters
(x 2)
Two switches, SenixVIEW customized
150 mA max @ 40 VDC max
SenixVIEW selected as sinking (NPN) or sourcing (PNP)
Adjustable setpoint, polarity, hysteresis, ON timing, OFF timing
Serial Data Interface Modbus & streaming protocols
9600-115200 baud (configurable)
8 data bits, 1 stop, no parity
RS-485 permits multi-sensor networks
Part number determines interface



Housing Injection moulded, chemically resistant
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
Also known as Kynar, a registered tradename of Arkema Inc.
Mounting Top mount: 1-inch Parallel
Bottom: 1-1/2 in. NPT
Cable Potted into sensor, pigtail termination
6.5 feet (2 meters), PUR jacketed
Custom lengths available
Standard models: 9-wire shielded + drain
Serial data-only models: 4-wire + drain
Weight 21.2 oz. (0.60 kg)
Weight includes 6.5 ft (2 meter) cable

Next Generation. Communication

Send liquid levels wirelessly and view them on a LAN    or in the cloud using our new AirWire LoRa transmitter:

  • From in-plant or outdoors up to miles away
  • Low energy, battery powered transmitter
  • Tank levels or outdoor bodies of water
  • Receive high & low level alerts
  • No subscription service charges
  • For low data rate applications
  • No conduit or power required

For more information see the AirWire LoRa page.