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Everything needed to connect, power and configure ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors

Compatibility: Windows PC with USB port

    • USB-to-serial converter (RS-232 or RS-485) with attached connection board
    • Setup cable  to connect with an optional Senix Wiring Termination Board
    • Universal DC modular power supply
    • Flash drive with SenixVIEW sensor configuration and analysis software, demonstration videos, and USB drivers
    • Intended for bench setup of sensors

Part Numbers:

For RS-485 Sensors: UA-KIT-USB-485

For RS-232 Sensors: UA-KIT-USB-232

NOTE: If you don’t require RS-232 we recommend choosing RS-485 interfaced sensors for maximum flexibility.

All ToughSonic Sensors are Compatible with this Accessory - Choose RS-232 or RS-485 to match the sensor's interface!