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It is a great looking piece of gear, really nice construction.

Saskatchewan Research Council

We have been very impressed with ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors that we purchased a year ago. They are extremely well built and robust, are easy to mount and use, and provide exceptional accuracy. The product has quickly earned our trust and it is our go-to product for level control in industrial applications.

Elbit Systems

[I] appreciate the very professional way you handled my tiny order. Hope this is a good start of a long-term cooperation.

Iowa Flood Center

Once installed, these [remote stream] gauges are practically 100% maintenance free.  We have always had a strong relationship with Senix.


We use the sensors to measure water during the summer, ice and snow during the winter.  They have been working very well.  The waterproof SS case you put it in is a major plus during extreme weather events.  Love the PC feature.