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UVM Proctor Maple Research Center

We contacted Senix and then worked closely with their staff of engineers to develop a solution that fits our needs.

Oracle Team USA

The sensors work like new even after three years of training races in harsh ocean conditions.  They have worked perfectly since the very first day.  We have never had to touch them.

U.S. Navy

I am so pleased with the sensors. We are getting excellent wave data. We have been trying to eliminate in-line pressure sensors for a long time.

Data Collection, Ltd.

Every time I use your system it is getting easier and more powerful. Well done.

Iowa Flood Center

Once installed, these [remote stream] gauges are practically 100% maintenance free.  We have always had a strong relationship with Senix.

TU Delft Solar Boat Team

The sensors have been working flawlessly so far, we’re really impressed by how reliable and rugged these sensors are!