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Port Fairy Coastal Group

The sensor is working well and I am delighted with its performance.  Senix sensors and software are quality engineered products.


It is a great looking piece of gear, really nice construction.

Murray Irrigation

Your team is by far one of the best suppliers we’ve had the pleasure to deal with.

Bubbleology Research Int’l

Compared to a lower cost alternative that I’ve tried, ToughSonic sensors are a much better value.  Time savings due to ease of use and helpful tech support offset the higher cost.

Saskatchewan Research Council

We have been very impressed with ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors that we purchased a year ago. They are extremely well built and robust, are easy to mount and use, and provide exceptional accuracy. The product has quickly earned our trust and it is our go-to product for level control in industrial applications.

Washlink Systems

Just wanted to let you know all went great for us programming the 6 new sensors, the software is great and easy to use, thank you again!


I am amazed at your customer service.  Makes my job much easier!

Oracle Team USA

We drive the boat based on our sensor data.  We selected Senix ultrasonic sensors after extensive testing in a variety of high-speed marine conditions.

Oracle Team USA

The sensors work like new even after three years of training races in harsh ocean conditions.  They have worked perfectly since the very first day.  We have never had to touch them.

Duke University – MEMS

Now that we know how well the Senix sensors work, we plan to use them in other labs.