Vietnam waterways use ToughSonic Sensors

Hinesburg, VT, USA — 4 August 2017 — Many governmental organizations around the world are responding to increased flooding and rising seas by modernizing their water-level monitoring systems. The Vietnam Inland Waterways Administration (VIWA) joins the Iowa Flood Center, the Philippine Flood Warning System, and other organizations in using Senix ToughSonic® sensors to modernize their water-level monitoring, tidal measurements, or flood warning systems. The VIWA has jurisdiction over more than 3,700 miles of riverways, maintains more than 14,000 navigation aids, and operates 77 ports including four seaports.

The VIWA is implementing a network of forty water-level stations to automate the entire inland waterways management system in Vietnam. HYMETCO – Vietnam Environmental and Hydro-Meteorological Equipment JSC – has built and installed eight of the first stations, utilizing Senix ToughSonic 50 serial-only sensors. HYMETCO chose Senix sensors after testing several other ultrasonic sensors that either failed to perform adequately or were not as rugged. Application engineer Hung Nguyen with HYMETCO said, “Senix ToughSonic sensors have a robust structure that can endure the weather conditions in Vietnam – a lot of rain and humidity.”

ToughSonic sensors utilize ultrasonic soundwaves to measure water levels without placing anything in the water – reducing maintenance and installation costs and increasing overall system reliability. HYMETCO designed, built, and installed small solar-powered steel tower measurement stations that include a horizontal arm stretching over the water. This arm holds the ToughSonic sensor “looking” down at the water surface. Electrical signals from the sensor are fed into a data logger mounted to the tower which then transmits data via a 3G cell connection to the centralized data management system in Hanoi. That system aggregates the data from sensors across Vietnam to interactive digital maps for monitoring and decision-making by coastal waterways officials.


About Senix Corporation:

Since 1990, Senix has delivered more than 92,000 non-contact ultrasonic sensors. Senix ToughSonic sensors, known for their durability and flexibility, are in use today in applications as varied as measuring the height of children; controlling mirror focus in flight simulators; maintaining the fly-height of the America’s Cup hydrofoil boats; ensuring smooth manufacturing of metals and plastics; measuring liquid levels in water, diesel and chemical tanks; monitoring irrigation system water levels; detecting trees in orchards to conserve agricultural spray chemicals; and, of course, to monitor water levels in flood warning systems.

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