Ultrasonic Sensor Advantages

Ultrasonic distance sensors have distinct advantages over mechanical and other methods, including:

ultrasonic sensor technology



Target material distance is measured without contacting or damaging the material or target object. Corrosion, scaling, coating and other contact-related wear is avoided and the purity of the target material is maintained. Non-contact sensors last longer and require less maintenance.


Object Ranging

Target distance is measured rather than just the presence or proximity

Distance proportional output

Sensor outputs are proportional or affected by the measured distance.

High resolution

Precise discrimination of target position.


Unaffected by target’s optical characteristics

Ambient light, target color, target transparency or reflectivity do not affect ultrasonic performance.


Detects large and small objects. The maximum detection distance depends upon the object size, shape, orientation, sound absorption characteristics, and the range of the chosen sensor model.

The Senix Difference

Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors are engineered from the ground up to operate in the most demanding environments. ToughSonics offer the additional advantages of:


Rugged Construction

All ToughSonic sensors are constructed with long-life solid state electronics, ruggedized piezoelectric transducers, high quality housings and full epoxy potting. Housings include 316 stainless steel and chemically resistant Kynar ® (PVDF). Interface cables are permanently attached and all ToughSonic sensors are fully potted and sealed to operate over a wide range of humidity and temperature.  All ToughSonic sensors are NEMA-4X, NEMA-6P and IP68-rated for protection a high level of protection, including submersion.


SenixVIEW Sensor Configuration and Analysis Software

SenixVIEW is our PC-based sensor configuration and analysis software. You might not require a custom sensor configuration for your application, but if you do, SenixVIEW gives you total control over more than 60 operating parameters, sensor outputs, displays and analysis tools.

SenixVIEW allows you to analyze and fine tune ultrasonic sensor performance in real time using actual sensor data. This can even be accomplished remotely if they are installed in dangerous or difficult to reach locations. SenixVIEW is easy and powerful and is included at no charge by download or on a USB stick with every setup kit.

Push-button “Teachable”

Many sensor features can be set by pushing a button and watching the rear target indicator. Use SenixVIEW software for more advanced features.


Multiple Simultaneous Outputs

Most Senix sensors can provide measurement data in up to six simultaneous outputs including:

Serial data: RS-485 or RS-232, Modbus or ASCII protocol
Analog: 0-5 or 0-10 VDC; Current Loops: 4-20 mA (sinking or sourcing)
Two Switches: Either can be sinking or sourcing
Rear indicators provide target and output status.

Multi-Sensor Wired Connections

There are several ways to use multiple sensors to prevent cross-talk or to collect data on a network.