ultra-s discontinued sensor

Senix now offers our ToughSonic 14 or ToughSonic 30 sensor, mounted in the ULTRA-S housing, for direct physical replacement of the ULTRA-S. These replacements provide all of the latest ToughSonic sensor features and SenixVIEW software, providing all of the ULTRA-S electrical interfaces except for internal AC power (all replacements are DC powered).

Replacements for Ultra-S, Ultra-S-BP and older USUP systems now available !



Senix customers using the venerable ULTRA-U or ULTRA-U-SS ultrasonic sensors can replace them with special editions of either the ToughSonic 14 or ToughSonic 30 sensor depending on measurement range and mounting requirements. The special editions contain a pigtail cable with a DB-9 connector that mates with the original ULTRA-U cable. If you don’t need that, simply select the most appropriate General Purpose sensor and go!



The Ultra-30-VA can simply be replaced by a ToughSonic 14 that is a bit smaller, has the same 30mm threads, greater range, is more rugged an has many more features.



The Ultra-100 is a single relay proximity switch.  Senix does not have a direct replacement. Contact one of our Application Engineers to discuss the best way to replace this sensor.