Remote Water Level Sensor Applications

remote ultrasonic water level sensor

Remote Water Level Measurement

Senix ultrasonic sensors are used in highly sophisticated environmental and industrial applications that measure remote bodies of water: ponds, streams, canals and even oceans.   These systems typically involve remote, solar-powered ultrasonic level sensors transmitting measurements to centralized management system via cellular, satellite or radio communications. ToughSonic sensors provide the accuracy, long-term durability, digital communications and rapid time-to-first-measurement speed that makes remote water level measurement systems practical.

ultrasonic liquid level sensor ToughSonic

ToughSonic sensors are built for long-term durability in harsh remote environments.

ultrasonic water level sensor measuring weir flow

Irrigation Management

Severe drought and population growth are prompting unprecedented investment in the automation of irrigation distribution systems. Traditional infrastructure, including manual gates and mechanical water level measurement, cannot provide the accuracy or control necessary to reduce waste and fairly distribute scarce water resources to industry and the environment. Automated irrigation management systems use ultrasonic sensors to accurately measure and transmit water level and flow data via advanced computer networks. That data drives automated irrigation gates, pumps, valves and other infrastructure to precisely manage water distribution.

For example, water level sensors positioned on either side of an automated irrigation gate allow for precise water releases based on real-time level data. Releases can be triggered from command centers far from the actual gate. Similarly, water level sensors mounted over weirs transmit accurate water flow measurement. Tributary streams and rivers upstream of irrigation systems are often monitored by ultrasonic level sensors in order to predict the total water resources coming into a system for distribution.

ultrasonic water level sensor ToughSonic remote 14

The ToughSonic REMOTE 14 is an energy efficient, lightning resistant, all digital sensor deployed in irrigation automation systems around the world.

ultrasonic stream sensor on bridge

Flood Monitoring

As extreme flooding events are becoming increasingly common around the world, ultrasonic level sensors are being used in sophisticated networks to monitor streams and rivers in areas prone to flooding. Real-time water level data feed advanced hydrologic models to predict peak flood levels and timing. Accurate advance warning of flood levels can save lives and reduce disaster management costs.

ultrasonic water level sensor measures floods

More than 200 ToughSonic level sensors monitor flooding for the Iowa Flood Information System.

remote ultrasonic sensor measures water level from pier

Weather Modeling and Forecasting

Weather research and water resource forecasting rely, in part, on the accurate monitoring and modeling of water, snow and ice levels. Remote weather stations equipped with non-contact ultrasonic sensors measure water levels in warmer months and snow and ice levels in colder months.

Ultrasonic water level sensors are also used in coastal areas to provide real time monitoring of sea level and tidal action. Sensors mounted on piers or over coastal bridges can detect storm surges and even Tsunamis before they hit population centers.

Remote ultrasonic water level sensor on pier

Tropical storm surges and Tsunami are detected by Senix ultrasonic level sensors along the Philippine coast.