Senix Sensors Monitors Flooding in Virginia

Hinesburg, VT, USA — 17 April 2018 — Senix ToughSonic sensors have been integrated and installed by Valarm Inc. in the StormSense flood monitoring and forecast system in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

“We’re pleased the City of Virginia Beach is using ToughSonic sensors for their implementation of the StormSense system.” said Sam Crawford, general manager of Senix Corporation, located in the scenic New England town of Hinesburg, Vermont.

ToughSonic sensors, waterproof and housed in stainless steel, have become the “flood sensor” of choice for flood monitoring systems all over the world including the Iowa Flood Monitoring information system, the Philippine Metro Advanced Traveler Information System, and the Murray Australia irrigation system.

Every ToughSonic sensor has a built-in microcontroller and digital filters that distill numerous ultrasonic “pings” taken over several seconds down to just one single measurement output to the monitoring system. The final measurement the user sees excludes extraneous objects, such as birds, bugs, or other objects passing through the ultrasonic beam.  This filtering capability can determine the average of wave heights instead a wave peak measurement from one ping and then a wave trough the next.

ToughSonic “Tough and Smart” sensors work reliably as waves pass, as tides rise or fall, from bridges as high as 60 feet above the water, and in the worst weather conditions imaginable, because that is when people are relying on them the most.

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About Senix Corporation:

Since 1990, Senix has delivered more than 92,000 non-contact ultrasonic sensors. Senix ToughSonic sensors, known for their durability and flexibility, are in use today in applications as varied as measuring the height of children; controlling mirror focus in flight simulators; maintaining the fly-height of America’s Cup hydrofoil boats; ensuring smooth manufacturing of metals and plastics; measuring liquid levels in water, diesel and chemical tanks; monitoring irrigation system water levels; detecting trees in orchards to conserve agricultural spray chemicals; and, of course, to monitor water levels in flood monitoring and warning systems.

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