Ultrasonic Sensor Groups

Sensor Networking Modes

Senix ultrasonic sensors can be used singly or in groups on a common network, which saves on cabling and increases capability. SenixVIEW allows sensor networks to be configured in Group Control and Synchronized Control modes.

Group Control

  • Multiple ultrasonic sensors can be configured or updated as a group quickly
  • Distribute a new configuration or copy an existing configuration to any number of additional sensors
  • Cloning of an entire network of ultrasonic sensors can be done in minutes
  • Group control can be used even when a network is using SYNCH control below

In SYNC Control

  • Used for applications where interference between ultrasonic sensors may be an issue, or where a “snapshot” group reading of a wider area is wanted
  • One master sensor can control up to 31 slave sensors. The slaves can be organized in up to five phases with any number of sensors in each phase
  • Sensors measure simultaneously, sequentially, or in groups depending on configuration
  • Measurement intervals are programmable
  • Incident handling options can be defined by the user and sent to any or all sensors in the network

Click here to learn how to update 32 ToughSonic sensors at once using SenixVIEW.

For detailed descriptions of how to use group control or Sync Control, please refer to your product manual or contact us.