ULTRA-S Ultrasonic Sensor is Retired

Press Release Date: January 1, 2015

HINESBURG, VT – Senix Corporation, a 25-year innovator in industrial ultrasonic sensors, announced today that it is discontinuing its ULTRA-S® line of ultrasonic sensors. The ULTRA-S was launched in 1993 as Senix’s first ultrasonic sensor designed specifically for end users. It was AC powered and housed in an industry-standard LMB electrical box for ease of maintenance by plant electricians.

20 Years of Distance Measurement

For more than two decades, the ULTRA-S has been one of the most widely used ultrasonic distance measurement sensors in the converting and material management industries. Because of its durability, sensitivity, and broad configuration capabilities, the ULTRA-S sensor has been used extensively by industry leaders like 3M, Vulcan Machinery and others.

ULTRA-S customers may upgrade to its next generation ToughSonic® ultrasonic sensors, which feature advanced signal processing capabilities and programmability. All ToughSonic sensors can be configured with SenixVIEW software to set more than 60 operating parameters and to provide a wide range of display, analysis and reporting tools. ToughSonic sensors have multiple simultaneous outputs, including analog, switch, and Modbus over a serial interface. An ULTRA-S sensor can be replaced with either the ToughSonic 14, ToughSonic 30 or ToughSonic 50 sensor, depending on the target type and range.

Vulcan Machinery has already retro-fit several machines with new sensors.  “We’ve had no problems with replacing the ULTRA-S with the ToughSonic 14. It performs better than the ULTRA-S, even in demanding applications.” said Bradley Jacobs, Engineering Manager at Vulcan Machinery.  “The ToughSonic 14 package is nicer than the ULTRA-S. The price is better and I like the software interface which makes the settings exact from machine-to-machine. It seems less susceptible to noise, both from the environment and noise generated from motors (servo, VFD, etc…) especially in ungrounded machines, which happens in the field on occasion.”

Discontinued ULTRA-S products include the ULTRA-SP, ULTRA-SPA, ULTRA-S-RDT, and ULTRA-SBP-Vulcan sensors and associated accessory modules. Senix will continue to honor warranties of ULTRA-S products and limited replacement ULTRA-S modules will be available while supplies last. Service of ULTRA-S sensors will continue on a case-by-case basis, and requires a Senix return material authorization (RMA).

About Senix Corporation

Senix designs and manufactures smart ultrasonic sensors for level and distance measurement. Senix ToughSonic® sensors are used in a wide range of industrial and research applications worldwide. The company transformed industrial distance measurement in 1990 with the world’s first computer-configurable ultrasonic sensor and we have been pushing the boundaries of ultrasonic sensor intelligence and ruggedness ever since. Senix Corporation is a privately held company located in Hinesburg, VT, USA.

For more information on ULTRA-S-to-ToughSonic conversion options, please contact Senix customer service.

ULTRA-S to ToughSonic 30 adapter for drop-in replacement.

ULTRA-S to ToughSonic 30 adapter for drop-in replacement.