TSPC-30S1-485 ultrasonic sensor is now the ToughSonic 14

The Senix
Model TSPC-30S1-485
ultrasonic sensor
is now known as

Ultrasonic sensor ToughSonic 14 logo

NOTE: You can still order using the old product name if you wish.

Toughsonic 14 ultrasonic sensor in stainless steel

ToughSonic 14 ultrasonic sensor

Same Sensor. New name.

The ToughSonic 14 ultrasonic sensor has:

  • RS-485 serial data interface plus two user-selectable outputs
  • Built for durability and ease of use in tough industrial environments
  • IP68 immersion resistant, corrosion resistant, shock resistant
  • Fully configurable with our SenixVIEW control and analysis software
  • This workhorse ultrasonic sensor is used around the world in remote liquid level monitoring and distance measurement applications.
  • This is our most popular ultrasonic sensor. It just has a new name.