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Iowa Flood Center

Once installed, these [remote stream] gauges are practically 100% maintenance free.  We have always had a strong relationship with Senix.

TU Delft Solar Boat Team

The sensors have been working flawlessly so far, we’re really impressed by how reliable and rugged these sensors are!

TU Delft Solar Boat Team

To be honest, we did not expect the sensors to be as reliable as they turned out to be.  We’re very pleased with the sensors Senix provided to us!

Gillison’s Variety Fabrication, Inc

We worked well with Senix to get this product up and running.  [ToughSonic] durability has been good and the Sonic Spray has been performing very well in the field.


I’m happy to endorse a product that is well made and well supported. Thanks again for the great service.

Summerfield Electric

Everything is working really well.  We are so glad we came upon your company.


Excellent service as always.  I already have the kit and it updated the firmware without a problem. Thanks again.