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National University of Ireland, Galway

That’s tremendous support – very much appreciated! You have no idea how wonderful it is to get such efficient feedback…..and you went to trouble to – again, thank you kindly.

Murray Irrigation

Your team is by far one of the best suppliers we’ve had the pleasure to deal with.

Bubbleology Research Int’l

Compared to a lower cost alternative that I’ve tried, ToughSonic sensors are a much better value.  Time savings due to ease of use and helpful tech support offset the higher cost.

Elbit Systems

[I] appreciate the very professional way you handled my tiny order. Hope this is a good start of a long-term cooperation.

Washlink Systems

Just wanted to let you know all went great for us programming the 6 new sensors, the software is great and easy to use, thank you again!


I am amazed at your customer service.  Makes my job much easier!

UVM Proctor Maple Research Center

We contacted Senix and then worked closely with their staff of engineers to develop a solution that fits our needs.

Cable One

Works like a charm! The whole apparatus: sensor, SenixVIEW, and the ASCII output are all working beautifully.

Data Collection, Ltd.

Every time I use your system it is getting easier and more powerful. Well done.