Output Test Tool Simplifies Ultrasonic Sensor Installation And Testing

The Output Test Tool allows you to define specific analog output from your ultrasonic sensor. You can hold the defined output constant or cycle it as needed while you evaluate your sensor-based system. It is one many time-saving features found in SenixVIEW sensor configuration and analysis software. You can set your sensor’s analog output at a desired value and test your system wiring and response using a current meter, voltmeter or other external system interface. You can also cycle the sensor switches on and off at defined intervals to verify system responses.

Output Test Tool can used to scale or calibrate downstream equipment. For example, in some tank level applications, analog output is fed to a digital display which reports tank volume in gallons or liters. In this scenario, the Output Test Tool can be used to exercise the analog scale and verify the digital display’s conversion of liquid level to volume. With a remote connection, tests can be initiated from the comfort of your desk. This is useful when tests need to be coordinated between an engineering office and remote sites.

The Output Test Tool allows you to remove analog output values as a variable while you are commissioning or troubleshooting ultrasonic sensor-driven systems. It is one of the many ways that SenixVIEW PC software provides you with control over your ToughSonic sensors and allows you to work more efficiently.

current test screen shot full

output test

switch-2 test full

How to Use The Output Test Function:

In SenixVIEW, open the Output Test from the sensor pull-down menu after you have successfully connected to your sensor. Choose the analog voltage, analog current or switch test. Set your start and end parameters, step size and step delay for analog tests or set the number of cycles and step delay for a switch test. Use the check box to loop your test if desired. If you stop the test at any point, Output Test will hold that output at the current state until you resume the testing process.

Suggested Sensor Testing Steps

  • Verify the sensor output you want is functioning as expected prior to connecting the ultrasonic sensor to other equipment. This is best done on the bench.
    • Has the correct output wire been chosen?
    • Does the output respond as expected to the distance calibration and/or other parameters you set using SenixVIEW?
  • Connect the ultrasonic sensor to your equipment and verify continued proper operation.  This is also best done on the bench, but it can be done in the field when troubleshooting.
    • Has the correct equipment input been selected?
    • Does the sensor output continue to operate normally after connecting it to the external equipment?
    • Does your equipment respond as expected?

If you have any questions about the Output Test Tool or other SenixVIEW features, please contact us.  We’re here to help.

If you have any questions about the Output Test Tool or other SenixVIEW features, please contact us.  We’re here to help.