Senix is committed to maintaining its reputation and ensuring that we have the highest level of quality and workmanship on all its Sensors and products. Therefore, Senix will not sell as new any sensors that might have a small scratch or blemish, or sensors with any minor issue, or sensors that have been refurbished.

So we offer these sensors to customers as a great opportunity to be able to simply try one of the best ultrasonic sensors on the market today, evaluate all the features and flexibility and versatility of Senix ToughSonic sensors, but for a great price. These sensors all include Senix’s full warranty and are backed with the high level of service, support and technical assistance that other Senix customers have experienced and appreciate.

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Summer Deal!

Get a great deal on all ToughSonic 12‘s  

We are offering a 40% discount on ToughSonic 12 sensors with 30mm threads through the end of  2021