New 90 Degree Adapter

Senix Corporation, manufacturer of ToughSonic® ultrasonic level and distance sensors, today announced the introduction of  its new ToughSonic 90 Degree Adapter accessory.

Need to measure to the top of the tank, or need a lower profile mounting due to limited space, this new 90 Degree Adapter accessory allows Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors to be mounted in order to achieve the minimal working distance without raising the sensor, and allows for a more compact installation. The ultrasonic dead band is essentially inside the adapter so filling a container will not interfere with measurement…..and the sensor’s maximum range is unaffected.

This stainless-steel adapter has a 1” NPT female thread to accept a 1″ NPT threaded ToughSonic 3, ToughSonic 12, and ToughSonic 14 sensors.  The 90 degree adapter has a male 1”NPT to thread to mount to bracket, tanks, containers, etc..

About Senix Corporation

Senix designs and manufactures advanced ultrasonic sensors for liquid level measurement, distance ranging and object detection. Senix ToughSonic® sensors are used in a wide range of automation and research applications worldwide. The company transformed non-contact distance measurement in 1990 with the world’s first user-configurable ultrasonic sensor and has been pushing the boundaries of sensor intelligence and ruggedness ever since. Senix Corporation is a privately held company located in Hinesburg, VT, USA.

For more information go to:  Senix Reference Target Accessory

For more information, contact:

Tim Cetto
+1 (802) 489-7300 x300