Tank Level Sensor Added to Senix Line

ToughSonic 50 PVC and Optional Flange

ToughSonic 50 PVC Ultrasonic Sensor with optional flange

At Senix, we make all our sensors as compact and rugged as possible for maximum application flexibility.  Take our ToughSonic 50 sensors, for example. We packed a 50 foot maximum range into a 2.1 inch diameter stainless steel body. It’s tough as nails and it can be mounted using a variety of clamps, flanges and threaded adapters.

Then one of our larger customers requested a 2.5 inch threaded housing to simplify installation in large tank level applications so we made them a custom ToughSonic 50. Then a few more customers requested a 2.5 inch NPT liquid level sensor and the ToughSonic 50 PVC was born.

This 2.5 inch PVC sensor has the exact same solid state electronics, full epoxy potting, IP68 immersion rating, permanently attached cable and ruggedized piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer as our ToughSonic 50 line. So it is just as smart and just as tough as a PVC-housed sensor can be.

If you need liquid level sensors that can take a beating, we recommend the stainless steel housed ToughSonic 50 with the appropriate mounting hardware, but if your sensors will be reasonably protected and a drop-in 2.5 inch NPT housing works for you, the ToughSonic 50 PVC liquid level sensor is a great choice.