Chemically Resistant Sensor – ToughSonic CHEM 35

Ultrasonic liquid level sensor ToughSonic CHEM 35

Maximum Range 35 feet (10.7 Meters)

Meet the ToughSonic CHEM 35 Level Sensor

The ToughSonic CHEM 35 is designed for distance measurement applications where corrosive chemical liquids or gasses are present, but it is an excellent sensor for benign environments as well. The maximum range of 35 feet (10.7 meters) is the longest range model in the ToughSonic CHEM sensor family.

The ToughSonic CHEM 35 is sealed in a PVDF (Kynar®) housing. It is fully submersible, chemical resistant and shock resistant. It has a potted-in 9-wire cable that connects up to five simultaneous analog and/or switch outputs plus a serial interface. It is fully configurable with SenixVIEW configuration and analysis software.

Please see the full line of ToughSonic and ToughSonic CHEM sensors for alternative ranges, sizes and housing materials.

ToughSonic CHEM 35 Options

ToughSonic CHEM 35 Sensor Models

Models are differentiated by data connection type, typically used with SenixVIEW software. All models have the same analog and switch output functions and features.

Modbus RS-232 serial data interface

Modbus RS-485 serial data interface

Sensor Customization

  • Custom SenixVIEW configurations can be designed and pre-loaded for your unique application.
  • Alternative cable type, length and connections are available.
  • Metric or BSP upper threads are available.

Benefits of ToughSonic Ultrasonic Sensor Technology


ToughSonic CHEM 35 sensors are built Tough with:

  • Chemically resistant PVDF housings.
  • Sealed epoxy potting for IP68 immersion rating and shock resistance.
  • Ruggedized piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, potted in place.
  • Hardened ToughSonic solid state internal electronics.
  • UV resistant, 6.5 ft (2 m) potted-in 9-wire cable standard.


ToughSonic CHEM 35 sensors are built SMART with:

  • More than 60 performance parameters and many viewing, analysis and maintenance options are configurable by SenixVIEW.
  • Up to six simultaneous, industry standard outputs.
  • Multi-sensor network capability built-in.

How can we help?

Our ToughSonic CHEM ultrasonic sensors offer extraordinary features and flexibility. If you need sensor capabilities that are not listed here, please contact us. We’ve been designing ultrasonic sensors since 1990. We can develop a sensor solution for you. Email: Phone: +1 802 489 7300.

Enhanced Capabilities with SenixVIEW


Over 60 functionally organized sensor parameters


Large and small displays, chart, filtered & unfiltered


Measure statistics; log and replay data, view in Excel


Store and retrieve custom setups, describe setups

ToughSonic CHEM 35 Specifications


Maximim Range35 feet (10.7 meters)
Optimum Range12 inches - 25 feet (30.5 centimeters - 7.6 meters)
Temperature-40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)
Humidity0 to 100% operating
ProtectionNEMA-4X, NEMA-6P, IP68
TransducerRuggedized piezoelectric
CompensationTemperature compensated
ResolutionDigital: 0.0135 in. (0.344 mm); Analog:4099 steps (0-10 VDC), 3279 steps (4-20 mA)
RepeatabilityNominal 0.2% of range @ constant temp. Affected by target, distance, environment
Update Rate10 Hz (100 ms), SenixVIEW adjustable; affected by SenixVIEW filter selections


Voltage Output0-10, 0-5 VDC or SenixVIEW customized; 10 mA max.
Current Loop #1Current sourcing 4-20 mA or SenixVIEW customized, max. loop 450Ω
Current Loop #2Current sinking 4-20 mA or SenixVIEW customized, max. loop 450Ω
Sinking Switch150 mA max. @ 40 VDC max., teachable set point & polarity, fault indication
Sourcing Switch150 mA max. @ input voltage, teachable set point & polarity, fault indication
RS-232, RS-485Modbus protocol, 9600-115200 baud (selectable), 8 data bits, 1 stop, no parity
SYNC featurePermits up to 32 sensors to operate in close proximity without interference


Mounting2 inch NPT/BSP Universal lower thread. 1 inch NPT upper thread
Attached Cable6.5 feet (2 meters)
Total Weight22.6 oz. (0.64 kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ultrasonic sensor CHEM 35 mechanical drawing


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