Can I do that with ultrasonic sensors?

Ultrasonic sensors can handle challenging liquid level and proximity applications.

Ultrasonic Sensor detecting a moving object

Are you wondering if ultrasonic sensors can detect fast moving objects?

Ultrasonic sensor taking liquid level measurements in tank

Do you need liquid level measurements in a tank with obstructions or turbidity?

Ultrasonic sensor network with CHEM liquid level sensors

Do you need to make several sensors work together?

Today’s advanced ultrasonic sensors can be configured to handle a wide range of level and distance measurement applications.  We’ve provided several examples in the Sensor Insight technical brief, “Techniques for using ultrasonic sensors in challenging applications.”

ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors with CHEM 30 liquid level sensorDownload this technical brief if you would like to know how to:

  • Measure liquid level when there is turbidity or obstacles in the measurement path
  • Detect the presence of irregularly shaped objects
  • Handle sound reverberations in tank level measurements
  • Synchronizing a group of sensors to work as one
  • Take 3-dimensional measurements of objects.

Non-contact ultrasonic sensors have many advantages. They’re rugged, low maintenance, and cost-effective. They operate regardless of a target’s color, lighting, optical transparency or reflectivity.  The techniques outlined in this Senix Sensor Insight will allow you to leverage cost-effective ultrasonic sensors as broadly and successfully as possible.