AirWire Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensors

AirWire products add a wireless link to our proven ToughSonic® products that allows customers to approach active sensors and, from a safe distance, view sensor performance and adjust sensor operating parameters with a Windows PC. Applications are also pending to allow cell phones and tablets to use the link. Independent of the wireless link, sensors are wired and powered in conventional ways to user equipment such as displays, PLCs, relays, computers and other industrial equipment. The link adds convenience and safety to maintenance operations.

PC & Tank


  • Use your Windows PC
  • Walk-up or drive-up access
  • Work from your vehicle in bad weather
  • Work from a comfortable location
  • Equipment power down not required
  • No need to disconnect or reconnect wires
  • Faster – reduced down time and simplified maintenance


Remain safely removed from sensors that are:

  • In operating machinery
  • In unsafe locations, such as on top of a liquid tank
  • In generally inaccessible areas or where there may be electrical hazards

AirWire Link Features

  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) built into sensor
  • Range about 100 ft line of sight
  • Sensor operates normally through wired interfaces regardless of AirWire access
  • Full sensor adjustment using SenixVIEW software, laptop PC and AirWire dongle
  • Currently available in the ToughSonic CHEM chemically resistant product line

AirWire Sensor Products

Wired and Wireless

AirWire is a wireless link to a wired sensor. Wired sensor connections include power input and any of several simultaneous outputs, including analogs (0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA), switch outputs (sinking and sourcing) and RS-485 serial data communications. SenixVIEW software, used with all Senix ToughSonic products, connects to AirWire-enabled products by adding a small application program and a USB dongle. Applications are also in development that will soon allow AirWire connections with cell phones and tablets.

The AirWire link does not affect the real-time operation of the active sensor unless intentional changes are made to the sensor’s operating functions.  All wired outputs continue to function normally – even the RS-485 serial interface!

Built into Sensor Body

AireWire is encapsulated in the sensor housing of all ToughSonic CHEM series products.  All the normal wired sensor functions and interfaces are unchanged and unaffected.

Cell Phone or Tablet Connections

Senix is developing mobile applications to allow AirWire sensors to connect with cell phones and tablets.


Two applications will be released:


  • Create tank definitions
  • Associate tank definitions to sensors and assign street names to tanks
  • Displays level when in proximity of a tank
  • Work with linear and non-linear tanks


With secure and password protected access, administrators have can adjust sensors in-situ:

  • Set sensor outputs to tank definitions
  • Sets outputs based on height, volume, sensor distance or % full
  • Linear & non-linear tank volumes
  • Adjusts sensor real-time outputs and operating parameters

AirWire PC Link and SenixVIEW Software

AirWire technology provides a wireless connection between a Windows PC and an AirWire sensor.  At the PC, an AirWire dongle is inserted into a USB port and a small link application is installed.  The dongle appears as a COM port to SenixVIEW. The wireless link is made between the pc and the sensor, allowing SenixVIEW software to communicate like a wired connection.

PC-Dongle-SensorSenixVIEW compatible

SenixVIEW functions over the AirWire connection in the same manner as a wired connection.

  • Display, chart, log and analyze measurements
  • Adjust a sensor setup
  • Save sensor setups on PC for later recall
  • Retrieve setups for sensor cloning new sensor

NOTE: Some lesser used sensor functions are not functional in AirWire models, including SYNC, ASCII streaming protocol, and higher baud rates. Firmware updates can only be performed using the wired RS-485 interface.